Hormone Replacement Therapy Approved By the FDA


By Michel Lucy


Your physical and emotional imbalance occurs during menopause, making your weak and depressed. Estrogen loss can make you very much uneasy and anxious as well. In such situation an individual can experience different types of physical symptoms, as the body faces different types of changes. This symptom can bring insomnia that would be hard to resist. To handle menopausal system, the best approach is Hormone Replacement Therapy also known as HRT. Yes, hormone therapy is very much effectual, but with such type of treatment, there are good numbers of risks. In this article you will know all about hormone therapy and the method of treatment. After knowing, you can decide whether you want to go with this therapy or not.

Hormone Replacement Menopause Therapy

During menopause, the estrogen level of the body drops to lower level bringing loss of productiveness. Depression and lower sexual libido, and hot flashes are some of the negative effects occur during this time. There is a rise in the body temperature that could be difficult to bear and may be uncomfortable. In such situation, HRT would be the best and effectual treatment for women whose menopause system is going to over or have already stopped. Proper hormone therapy is about taking estrogen with a blend of progestin. Menopause can bring bone loss risk and different types of additional health hazards. Hormone replacement can help in the loss of bone and prevent stop heart related diseases. But one thing to keep in mind that this not a permanent treatment you should follow all through your life, as it can lead to breast cancer. Basically, Hormone Replacement Therapy is of two types:


  • Systemic Hormone Therapy
  • Low-Dose Vaginal Preparation

Present clinical research has spotlight some side effects and health risks related to HRT. Some of the major health risks are stroke, heart attack, ovarian or breast cancer. But when you focus on the advantages of HRT, you might ignore its negative effects.

Advantages of Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement can be done by using spray, gel, cream, oral and injection. Surely, to fight night sweats and hot flashes and treat symptoms like burning sensation, sexual discomfort, itching and dryness. Osteoporosis can be treated easily with HRT because it is approved by the FDA. Women who have urinary tract infection can avail huge amount of benefits by using vaginal estrogen doses. Trusting hormone therapy is safe and effectual, but should be done under the supervision of an expert gynecologist or health professional. HRT is not ideal for women who have heart related issues, women below the age of forty five, bone loss issues, not for women who have harsh menopause symptoms. It’s only the health expert who can guide and check you before going for HRT option.




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