15 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight


By Marc Greene

Losing weight can be a difficult and frustrating process for many, especially when you aren’t seeing the results you want. Sometimes, you need to continue your diet and wait a little longer to see results, but other times, your diet may not be efficient enough to help you lose weight. Here are 15 reasons why you are not losing weight.

Number 1: Your body is turning fat into muscle. Muscle weights more than fat, so often times if your body is converting your fat into muscle, you won’t see a drop in the scale, but you’ll see a different in your body.

Number 2: You have been cutting calories for you too long and this has caused a negative effect on your body, causing your metabolism to slow down. When this happens, it then will decrease your weight loss potential

Number 3: You are eating too many calories and might not be aware of this. Those extra sweeteners you put in your coffee and that morning bagel with cream cheese could be adding extra calories you didn’t realize.

Number 4: You are setting your goal weight too high. Don’t expect to lose 15 pounds in a week. Make sure you are allowing yourself the proper amount of time to lose a certain amount of weight. Typically one to two pounds per week is considered healthy weight loss.

Number 5: Sometimes, the idea of eating small frequent meals can turn into eating many meals per day. This can create too many calories that you are unable to and will not help you to lose weight. Make sure that when eating small frequent meals, they are portion sized.

Number 6: You may be cheating on your diet too often. Once or twice a week is fine, but one cheat per day can really add up and be the cause of your issue.

Number 7: The medication you are on could be causing you to gain weight or even holding you back from losing weight. Talk to your doctor to understand if this is your issue

Number 8: You might be doing the wrong type of exercise for your desired goal. You may not be exercising enough or the intensity of your exerting routine might not be high enough. This causes you do think you worked out and burned a lot of calories, when in reality, you didn’t.

Number 9: You are using too many sweeteners. Be careful with the amount of honey you use in your tea or the amount of sugar and milk you put in your coffee in the morning. These small things that make our food and drinks taste better add up over the course of a day.

Number 10: You may not be sleeping enough. While many people do not think about their sleep cycle as having an effect on their weight loss, it actually is a very important part. When you are tired, you tend to overeat, and this makes you less motivated to exercise and eat healthy.

Number 11: You may be eating too much dairy. While dairy products are essential to your body’s health and growth, eating too many dairy items can pile on the pounds.

Number 12: While nuts like almonds and pistachios are typically an enjoyable and healthy snack while dieting, eating too much of them can cause issues. Nuts are very high in fat and have a high calorie count as well.

Number 13: You’re eating too much processed, low carb food. These foods, while intended to help people lose weight can often be difficult for your body to process and deal with. This can cause your body to store a lot of this food as fat, instead of breaking it down.

Number 14: You’re too stressed. Being stressed, like being tired, can cause you to over eat, decrease your motivation to exercise, and even lead to cravings for unhealthy food.

Number 15: You are eating too many carbohydrates. While it’s not a good idea to completely cut out carbs, it’s not a good idea to completely rely on them as your main source of food either.

Resources: http://authoritynutrition.com/15-reasons-not-losing-weight-on-a-low-carb-diet/



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